Come home.

Come home to me at the end of the day.
Forget the world that lies beyond my arms,
this couch,
our bed.



It starts with the “v” created just underneath the little hollow in the middle of your collarbone, at the base of your neck. But then there are the buttons. And the tiny glimpse of skin between them. I will free the buttons of their flannel traps and so, free your skin. I will watch your grin widen as I unfasten each button with the satisfying motion of my fingers. I have no need for the soft skin of you to be hidden from me any longer. Let me reveal it. Button by button. Let me free you of the flannel barrier between your skin and mine.


You are my anchor,

Holding steadfast

Under the restless waves

Of my mind.

You are my lighthouse,


When I get lost in the dark.

You are the ocean breeze,

Whispering calming secrets.

You are the night sky,

Constant and unwavering.

Even when I am lost at sea,

You are always with me.

You are.

You are the compass that brings me home again.