Where is the joy?

I’ve been so focused on getting things done and planning for the future and making up for the time I lost while I was in Edmonton (for five long months) that I think I forgot about joy. I think I forgot about having fun. But what good is having new, healthy lungs if I don’t use them to enjoy life? Sure, it’s great to have a “to do” list and have the drive to get things done. But what about joy? What about enjoying this newfound freedom that comes from having new lungs and being free of supplemental oxygen? 

I think it’s about balance. A balance between accomplishing tasks and enjoying and being grateful for the life I get to live. I need to prioritize down time and relaxation and fun. As much as, if not more than, I prioritize the things on my “to do” list. I want to work on being more present and in the moment. Rather than constantly thinking three steps ahead. It’s fun to get excited about the future but balance is key. Focusing too much on the future can cause me to start getting anxious about little things that don’t matter yet and may never matter. So the latest lesson I’ve learned? Balance is key. Prioritize fun. Prioritize joy. They’ll help you be more productive in the long run anyway! And that’s just a bonus. The best part is that you’ll feel hella good. That’s right, I said hella.


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