When you look at me

                  I see that you see

                            All the possibilities of

                            what you and I could




We whisper-sing Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing in bed
and I laugh as you attempt to dance under the sheets. 
My goofiness is seen by few
but you always manage to bring it out. 
I laugh until my cheeks hurt
and you kiss them better. 
Let’s never stop making each other laugh.
Let’s never take these moments for granted. 
Let’s fill our home with love and laughter and kisses on smiling cheeks. 

Breathing Peace

We breathe together,

in and out.

My breaths start to slow as I feel you match yours to mine.

My racing thoughts quiet as you stop shaking.

Two panicked people longing for home,

two pairs of sick lungs breathing peace into each other.