You Are the Wilderness

You are the wilderness in me,

uncharted and untamed.

Your tenderness crashes like a river around my heart

and your words spike the mountains of my heartbeat.

You are the freedom of the ocean

whispering inside my wanderlust soul.

You help me discover things about myself

like paths not yet taken through the trees of my past.

You touch every piece of me with an unfathomable love

like the sun caressing the first new growth of spring

and coaxing it from the earth.

I come into my own,

wild and free,

new life breathed into me

by a love I’ve never known before.


Northern Lights // March 2015

So I tried my hand at photographing northern lights for the first time in March. We had a couple of days when they were quite bright. Of course, I missed the first night when they were the brightest so my pictures were taken on the second night when they weren’t quite as vibrant. I think my technique needs some work but for my first time they turned out not bad!

My Mexico Obsession: Splash Pictures

While I was in Mexico for a week I became slightly obsessed with standing out on a rock wall that jutted out into the ocean near our resort’s beach and taking pictures of the splashes created when the waves hit the rocks. This obsession resulted in me coming home with over 500 “splash pictures.” These ones are some of my favorites. It was really hard to pick favorites.


The last week has been a little rough so I decided to cheer myself up by posting what is quickly becoming my favorite thing to shoot: waterscapes! I feel instantly calmer, happier, and more myself when I am on or near the water. I can’t really explain it but I love being near the ocean or on a boat fishing with my dad in the summer.

Some of these are not super great, some were taken on my phone, and some I am pretty happy with.

The Crooked Trees

This past summer I visited the Crooked Trees (also known as the Crooked Bush). They are located near Speers, Saskatchewan. I was visiting Speers for a Scottish family reunion on my mom’s side of the family. I had been to this grove of trees many years ago with my grandpa but hadn’t been back since so I was excited to go as I didn’t remember much from that first trip when I was so young. I snapped quite a few pictures although some aren’t very good because I was trying to figure out my dad’s camera on the go! If you are ever in that area of Saskatchewan it is definitely worth a stop to stroll among the crooked trees. For some more info on them check out Tourism Saskatchewan’s page: