When you look at me

                  I see that you see

                            All the possibilities of

                            what you and I could



The Future

The future looks brightmy love.
I’m excited for the big things but more than that 
I’m excited for the little things. 
The Star Wars marathons and movie date nights. 
The kitchen dance parties that leave behind unwashed dishes. 
The feel of your skin on mine as sleep takes over. 
The endless kisses and giddy laughter. 
I want it all with you by my side. 
my love
and take my hand.
It’s time to begin the life we’ve dreamed of. 


We whisper-sing Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing in bed
and I laugh as you attempt to dance under the sheets. 
My goofiness is seen by few
but you always manage to bring it out. 
I laugh until my cheeks hurt
and you kiss them better. 
Let’s never stop making each other laugh.
Let’s never take these moments for granted. 
Let’s fill our home with love and laughter and kisses on smiling cheeks. 

We are home here.

I watch as you stretch in your sleep,

muscles flexing under skin whose scars I kissed moments earlier.

You sigh deeply and I watch the rise and fall of the chest

where my head often comes to rest.

There is peace in these sheets

even though

sleep makes us vulnerable.

There is comfort in the calm and constant

of your breathing.

We are home here.

Let the world wait outside our door.

We are busy building a life out of sleepy glances and soft kisses.