You Are the Wilderness

You are the wilderness in me,

uncharted and untamed.

Your tenderness crashes like a river around my heart

and your words spike the mountains of my heartbeat.

You are the freedom of the ocean

whispering inside my wanderlust soul.

You help me discover things about myself

like paths not yet taken through the trees of my past.

You touch every piece of me with an unfathomable love

like the sun caressing the first new growth of spring

and coaxing it from the earth.

I come into my own,

wild and free,

new life breathed into me

by a love I’ve never known before.



2014-09-21 13.10.09-1

This is about the time of night when it sets in. The restlessness. The wanderlust. I want to be trying things, experiencing things, seeing things, meeting people, exploring. I need to be satisfying the wanderlust. I need to be satisfying my soul.